Food made with love & passion

My mother always told me that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. At the tender age of 10 years old I started learning to cook and at the time I really was disinterested in being in the kitchen. I would have much rather been playing outside and exploring my passion for makeup and fashion.

Eventually everything changed once I started dating my husband and taking more of an interest in the kitchen. I enjoyed the feeling of making him and soon a lot of other people happy through good food.

                                             Karen Mutasa - Founder

I grew up eating many flavourful dishes from my cultures

I am very fortunate to have a diverse mix of cultures in my heritage. My African, Indian and European cultures have truly inspired me in the kitchen. I grew up eating many flavourful dishes from my cultures such as goat offal, nsima or sadza, rich Indian curries, Sunday roasts, as well as delicious desserts that included Yorkshire pudding, layered trifle and hot sticky toffee topped with warm custard. From a young age I was exposed to amazing dishes, which gave me a great foundation, on top of which I developed my love affair with cooking. As time has passed I have perfected many cultural dishes by experimenting with different cuisines.

I am by no means a trained chef, but judging from reviews I have received over the years, I soon realised that I was blessed with a talent in the kitchen. Over time I have come to consider myself a foodie, but never really considered entering the restaurant business. However, when I decided to include a coffee shop to my existing business, The Skin Spa, I became intrigued by the idea of entering the food industry. With the support of family and friends I was convinced to expand once again and thus, Organikks was born.

Over time I have come to consider myself a foodie

Our Mission

Organikks’ mission is to provide a culinary journey that stretches from all corners of the world. The mouth-watering dishes are inspired by Indian, Thai, Japanese and Mexican cuisines that are sure to make one’s palette sing. The dishes play a symphony of wonderful tastes, which include tart, sweet or savoury mixed with the right amount of exquisite flavours for an unforgettable food experience of many wonderful flavours on your palette.

We have a great team at Organikks led by amazing staff members that will make one’s experience memorable. I am proud to say that I personally influenced and taught many of the chefs that work in the kitchen in order to give the customers exactly what they are looking for. My team strives to please and guarantee that we source and use only the finest and freshest, quality ingredients.

Not Your Average Team